The Best Paint Protection For Rivians

You’re tired of spending half of your paycheck on gas, but you don’t want to give up your truck or SUV. A Rivian is the best choice for you, and you make the switch to a Rivian R1T. Not only is it better for the environment, you stop wasting money on gas and it looks great. It’s the perfect vehicle to get you around town and for those weekend off-road excursions. 

Before you head out, though, you should consider adding paint protection to keep your Rivian looking brand new. “What’s the best paint protection for a Rivian?” is probably the next question you are going to ask. Here’s what the team at Ultra Protective Films thinks will give you the best paint protection for your Rivian. 

PPF vs A Ceramic Coating

The paint protection industry is shrinking in terms of options thanks to two relatively new products. Before, you used to apply a coat of wax as paint protection, but that would require cleaning and waxing your car every week. Now, just two products have replaced most other options, including wax. They are paint protection film (PPF) and ceramic coating. 

Rivian PPF

Paint protection film (PPF) is a car wrap that is designed to offer more protection for paint. Unlike vinyl car wraps, PPF is designed to avoid changing the way that your car looks. Xpel PPF offers one of the highest-quality PPF options on the market ensuring long-lasting impeccable paint protection. 

PPF is a great choice for creating a secondary barrier against scratches and impact damage. While it won’t stop large rocks from causing damage, PPF can deflect most of the smaller rocks, road debris, and dirt that scratches your paint job every time you go out on the road. It also provides added UV protection against paint fading and lasts up to 10 years for most installations. 

Rivian Ceramic Coating

A Ceramic coating is a nano-ceramic coating made from a liquid polymer. It is applied by hand and creates a barrier to protect your paint. Ceramic Coatings make it much easier to clean your car since dirt and water have a hard time sticking to the ceramic coating because of its hydrophobic properties. Ceramic coatings also offer great chemical resistance protecting your Rivian from chemical stains, acid rain, and etching. 

For the Best Protection, Combine PPF and Ceramic Coating

Since these two products have largely taken over the car paint protection market, you should choose at least one of them. Fortunately, you don’t have to choose between them. You can have both at the same time. 

Start by adding a layer of Rivian PPF to your truck. This will provide a lot of extra protection from physical damage. It also serves as a better surface for the ceramic coating to bond to. Add your ceramic coating on top of the PPF. Most installers use a two-layer system, but some professional installers like to use three coats. Adding a ceramic coating will help protect against oils and similar hazards.

Having both a ceramic coating and PPF gives your car paint protection from the two best options on the market. With them combined, there isn’t much more you can do for paint protection besides installing a force field generator in your car. Thankfully, these two are enough for nearly any problems you’ll encounter on the road. The best part is that they offer lasting protection if cared for properly, ensuring that your car looks new no matter how long you have it. 

How Do I Get PPF and Ceramic Coating Installed?

The easiest way to get both PPF and ceramic coating installed on your new Rivian is to go to a professional installer. At Ultra Protective Films, we work on top-of-the-line vehicles and know how to get the best results for the longest-lasting Rivian paint protection. Call us at (707) 667-9410 or use this contact form to schedule your appointment. Let us give your car the protection that it needs to always look its best.