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Tesla’s dominance on the automotive scene, especially on the bustling highways of Vacaville and throughout California is undeniable. Celebrated for its cutting-edge design and green credentials, Tesla’s are not just a mode of transportation but a statement. That is why protecting your Tesla’s paint is essential in enhancing overall vehicle aesthetic as well as conserving value and maintaining paint integrity. 

At Ultra Protective Films we offer the best Tesla paint protection and customization solutions for all types of Tesla owners. Our trusted team of paint protection experts is highly trained and certified to help with all of your Tesla paint protection and customization needs. From Tesla PPF to ceramic coatings, paint correction and premium ceramic window tint, Ultra Protective Films is Vacaville’s most trusted Tesla Paint Protection service. 

Tesla Model Y

Front PPF + Ceramic Caoting + Window Tint

Tesla Model Y

Ppf + Ceramic Coating

Tesla Model Y

Paint Protection Film

Tesla Model Y

Front PPF

Tesla protection

Popular protection

Best For Protection

Protect your tesla’s paint from scratches, knicks and chips with our xpel paint protection film and seal that protection with a ceramic coating and get enhanced protection from UV damage, oxidation, bird droppings and bug acids, and get a super glossy shine that’s easy to maintain and clean. The self-healing properties of the ppf and the hydrophobic properties will keep your tesla looking new for years to come!

Best For Appearance

Keep your tesla looking new and glossy with our Xpel Fusion ceramic coating. Not only will it look better than new, but it’s hydrophobic properties will make it effortless to clean and will keep it protected from the sun, salt, and chemicals that you encounter outdoors. Plus with our ceramic window tint you’ll keep yourself protected from harmful UV rays and have a 98% heat rejection regardless of the shade of tint you choose.

Tesla PPF, Ceramic Coating, Window Tint, Vacaville, Ca

Best Overall

Get our full protection package for your Tesla and you will not be disappointed. Drive with confidence knowing your tesla is protected from road debris, and the elements with the duo of paint protection film and a coating. And not only will you have the best protection possible, but you will also have an enhanced depth of color and shine that’s only possible with ppf and a coating. Plus with the contrast of newly installed ceramic window tint, your tesla will stay cooler, keep you and your interior protected from harmful UV rays, and give your tesla an even more enhanced appearance.

Ultra Protective Films

Best Tesla Paint Protection Shop

Protecting and customizing your Tesla ensures that you not only keep your Tesla model looking its very best but that you protect & enhance your investment. At Ultra Protective Films we are master craftsmen in Tesla protection and customization. Our exceptional customer service combined with years of industry experience, ensures unparalleled results when it comes to PPF, ceramic coatings, window tint and paint correction for your Tesla or any type of vehicle for that matter. 

Tesla Paint Protection Film

Paint protection film (PPF) for your Tesla provides an unparalleled shield against scratches, rock chips, and environmental contaminants. It is recognized as the most durable form of paint protection available for any vehicle, ensuring longevity and preservation of the car’s sleek finish. With PPF, your Tesla not only maintains its aesthetic appeal but also its resale value over time.

Tesla Ceramic Coating

Having a ceramic coating applied to your Tesla offers enhanced protection against environmental contaminants and minor scratches. It ensures a long-lasting, hydrophobic surface that repels water and dirt, keeping the vehicle cleaner for longer. Moreover, the ceramic coating imparts a glossy finish, amplifying the Tesla’s natural shine and aesthetic appeal.

Tesla Ceramic Window Tint

High-quality ceramic window tint for Teslas elevates both function and form. It provides advanced heat rejection and UV protection, ensuring a comfortable interior environment while safeguarding passengers and the vehicle’s interior from sun damage and harmful UV rays. Furthermore, ceramic tint enhances the car’s aesthetic and offers an added layer of privacy and security, blending style with practical benefits.

Different finishes

We understand that every vehicle is unique, which is why we offer customized solutions to suit your needs.

Strongest durability

Your needs will be met swiftly. Our promise is to provide a fast, friendly and professional PPF, Paint Corrections and Ceramic Coating services to your vehicle.


With more than 20 years in the industry, we are proud of our reputation. All of our PPF and ceramic coating services are 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Self healing

Designed with a special self-healing technology, PPF virtually erases scratches, rock chips and other imperfections over time when heat activated.

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